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At this time we as a team have decided to focus our efforts on a different project. We would like to say thank you to everyone we met over the years! It was truly a pleasure helping transform and protect your vehicles. For anyone who purchased Xpel ppf and/or Xpel Ceramic Coating, please visit https://www.xpel.com/clearbra-installers to locate a certified installer near you. With the warranty you were provided, any of these certified installers will be able to help you in the future. Once again, thank you for all the memories!

Who are The Detail Nerds?

Auto detailing, paint correction, interior detailing, paint protection film (ppf), and ceramic coating specialists
2017 BMW M3
The Detail Nerds is an auto detailing, paint protection film, and ceramic coating service based in Hudsonville, MI. Our company was founded in 2019 by a team of experts who are passionate about auto detailing. Our goal is to provide our customers with the friendliest, most convenient interior detailing, exterior detailing, paint correction, and ceramic coating experience. We use the most effective and up-to-date products on the market. These products have been tested and proven. We never use “gimmicky” or “hot” products. We only use what works. We service all of Hudsonville, Grand Rapids, Zeeland, Holland, Byron Center, Ada, and Grandville.
Superior Auto Detailing
  • We offer multiple services at a great value
  • We use the products that work best for your vehicle
  • Never pushy or try to upsell you to the next “best” package
  • Trained and skilled detailers
Contacting Us
  • We are a very open and easy to reach company
  • Our email is checked hourly during the day
  • Conveniently located in Hudsonville, MI
  • Book an appointment through call or text also
  • Pay with credit card, Venmo, PayPal, or crypto

Our Auto Detailing, Xpel Paint Protection Film, and Ceramic Coating Packages

We offer multiple interior, exterior, ceramic coating, polishing, ppf/clearbra, and paint correction packages. Give us a call or text today at 616-229-1506.

We are conveniently located near 196 in Hudsonville. We only work on one vehicle at a time, so you will not be without your car for up to a week like some auto detailing locations.

The Right Products

We use professionally tested and vetted products. We simply use what works. None of the “hot” new products you hear self-proclaimed gurus pitching. We also understand that certain vehicles and certain paint colors require different products. Overall, we use what is best for your vehicle.

Experienced Team

We are passionate about detailing cars. We are professionally trained on all the products and tools we use. You will never find a Harbor Freight polisher in our shop!

Great Value

We do not offer one price for each package. We quote based on the size of the vehicle, the condition of the paint, and what you would like done. You will receive a customized quote that is generated solely for your vehicle.

Auto Detailing Testimonials

Our customers love us
  • Had XPEL PPF installed on the front, paint correctionpolish, and ceramic coated. They did an amazing job, brought the paint back to better than new, and protected it for the road ahead. They attention to detail is unseen. I thought I was very particular about my cars paint. They taught me I have a lot to learn! Highly recommend giving them a call, or getting a quote. You wont be disappointed if you want to protect your paint!

    Michael W. | Five Star Google Review
  • I got a polish and wax completed on my car. It is insane how much more shiny the car is. Not only are a lot of the scratches gone but the water beads off like crazy. I also cannot stop looking at how clean my wheels and tires are. Thanks Detail Nerds!

  • I'm absolutely amazed by how great my car looks! I purchased a 2017 Acura MDX from a high volume online car dealership. Everything on the car worked great, but the exterior lacked luster. There were also a lot of fine scratches and a few deeper ones that I didn't notice before I took ownership, and I thought I made a huge mistake. The Detail Nerds did paint correction and a high quality ceramic coating, and it looks BRAND NEW! It's also incredibly easy to keep clean. The Detail Nerds really saved the day, and made me love my new car.

    Scott | Five Star Review From Google
  • I purchased a 16-year old Jetta to keep the miles down on our two other vehicles. It was scratched bad and you could tell it was as old as it is. I had the Detail Nerds do a two-step paint correction. I was speechless when I saw the results for the first time. Literally the thousands of scratches on my car were gone. It was a brighter and richer blue. Thanks guys! I cannot wait to get my next car polished and coated.

  • I got an interior detail, and they did a fantastic job! I called and emailed 4 different places in Wyoming and no one answered or called me back. Detail Nerds got back to me same day and had me scheduled out quickly. Not only did they do an amazing job, they are a little husband and wife team that are more friendly and professional than the corporately owned options. Save yourself the headache and bring your car here!

    Alex | Five Star Review from Google
  • The Detail Nerds really brought my car's black paint back to life. Years of neglect had left the paint heavily scratched and swirled throughout. After a thorough wash, clay bar treatment, paint correction, and ceramic coating, I could not believe how rejuvenated the car looked. All in all they provided awesome service and professional quality. Highly recommended!

    Tyler | Five Star Review from Google
  • I absolutely love (The Detail Nerds). I feel like I have a brand new car after their work. We were actually considering just trading it in and getting another vehicle. I’m so glad we didn’t. They were very professional and they explained the whole process before hand, that way I was fully aware of what the expectations were going to be in regards to my car. I would recommend these guys to anyone and I will bring all my vehicles to The Detail Nerds from now on!! Can’t thank you guys enough.

    Valentino | Five Start Review from Google
  • I brought my car in to get rid of years of scratches and get some shine back with a ceramic coating application. I am so impressed with the work Nate did. My car looks brand new! The pain had become dull over the years. There were scratches I didn't think could be fixed but her got them. Now, I can see my reflection in the car. I will definitely be bringing my other car in.

    Todd | Five Start Review from Google
  • I usually try to clean the inside of my car at least once a month. But here’s the thing: I spill the occasional coffee and I take my 2 German Shepard/Huskies everywhere I go (who never miss a good mud puddle to run through). But, regardless on how much I clean my car, I’m never able to completely remove all the stains or even come close to getting rid of all the dog fur that manages to get, literally, everywhere. So after picking up my car from Nathan at The Detail Nerds I was in love with how my interior looked. He was able to remove all stains and carpet imperfections and remove (what I imagine) was at least a few pounds of dog fur. Nathan did an amazing job detailing my cars interior and would highly recommend!

    Aubrey | Five Star Review from Google
  • Phenomenal service! Very good at what they do. They are also Very accommodating! I highly recommend!

    Candy | Five Star Review from Google
  • The Detail Nerds transformed my truck. I wanted to protect my old Tacoma from the elements while giving it a refresh and The Detail Nerds did not disappoint. I had them do a Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating, what was once a dull haze now looks and feels like glass, repelling water while maintaining an incredible shine. If you care about your vehicle, take it to The Detail Nerds and get it coated. Great customer service and very informative. Would highly recommend.

    Caesar S.
    Toyota Tacoma