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  • Our Favorite Brake Dust Cleaner for Wheels Often, we find people totally neglect their wheels when it comes to maintaining their vehicle. Think about the workload your tires and wheels go through daily. They are literally what keeps you moving and what helps you stop. All that stopping and going creates a ton of brake dust that covers your wheels…

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  • Best Way to Dry a Car Alrighty. You’ll have to bear with us on this article. We are about to nerd out hard. There are several things you can do with great intentions that will mess up your vehicles paint. How you dry your vehicle can create swirls quickly. So sit back, grab your favorite beverage and get ready to…

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  • A Comprehensive Guide about the Top Iron Removers for Car Detailing Have you ever noticed the little yellow dots on your cars paint and wondered what they were? Especially on white paint. Well, those yellow dots are iron particles that have oxidized. Essentially, it is rust! In this article, we are going to cover what we view as the best…

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  • People always ask us what the best vacuum for car detailing is. We answer that it is the Ridgid Model 4000RV nearly every time we are asked. Click here to check out an article we wrote about it. Sometimes, when we provide this feedback, someone gives us a rebuttal. What is the best wall mount shop vac? We were initially…

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  • Here at The Detail Nerds, we find extreme pleasure in seeing our customers’ reactions after details. Especially with what we refer to as disaster details. A disaster detail is when an owner stops caring for the interior and exterior. Picture finding three large orders of fries, fifteen empty soda bottles, and nail clippings. Hopefully, that gives you a good idea.…

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