Best Extractor for Car Detailing

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Best Extractor for Car Detailing

Here at The Detail Nerds, we have taken the art of detailing and turned it into a science. To get the results we do, we only use the best tools and products on the market. Through many trials, we have everything locked and loaded for what we use daily. We want everyone’s vehicle to look brand new, and with most people unable to get their vehicles to us, we share our tools, products, and services. In this post, we are going to cover what the best extractor for car detailing is! So sit tight, and let’s learn!

In the auto detailing world, there are a ton of services that are offered. The most common, though, is people requesting interior details. Apart from a great vacuum, you must have a stout hot water extractor to remove the pesky stains that have built up inside your vehicle. So whether you are someone about to start their own auto detailing business, or just a weekend warrior who loves to keep your vehicle and your family’s vehicle clean, we have the best extractor for detailing lined up for you. In fact, due to everyone having different budgets, we will be covering what we view as the best extractor at each price point.

The Best Extractor for Car Detailing at Home

The first extractor we will cover is the Bissell SpotClean Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner 3194. Believe it or not, this is the first hot water extractor we used when we started our car detailing business. It is hard to believe we cleaned nearly 100 vehicles within our first few months in business with this unit! What is even harder to believe is we still have the original unit for tight fitting spots, and it works flawlessly yet. That bit of information will help you realize the durability of this mighty unit!

This unit has a long power cable, which means you can extract an entire vehicle without the need to unplug, move, and re-plug it back in. You may ask why this feature is essential, but time is money. The quicker we can get a vehicle cleaned, the more income per hour increases, allowing us to get onto the next one much quicker. The extractor hose is also of decent length, so you can clean the entire back of a vehicle without constantly moving the extractor unit itself. The water tank is much smaller than the commercial units we will recommend below but holds enough to at least get 2-3 seats extracted before needing to be refilled. The wastewater container is easy to remove, empty, clean, and clear, so you can see how nasty the water is you are removing. The extractor head also has a transparent viewing portion which is critical. You want to ensure the water you are extracting is clear and free of soap to ensure you have removed all the dirt and all the shampoo/soap. Leaving soap/shampoo behind will make the fabric or carpet hard or chunky.

Once again, if you are looking for an excellent entry-level extractor for the detailing business you are about to start or one to keep your personal vehicles clean, this is the extractor for you!

Bissel Spot Clean Pro

The Best Hot Hot Water Extractor for Starting a Detailing Business and the Hardcore At-Home Detailer

We were blown away by how quickly we were able to scale our detailing business once we launched. Within a few months, we knew we needed to upgrade our extractor. After a bunch of research and some testing, we decided to purchase a Mytee Lite 8070 Heated Carpet Extractor. When we used this on the first vehicle, all we could say was, wow! The heated water blasted into the fabric and incredible suction of the unit yielded impressive results. We were tackling hardcore stains in a few passes that would have taken 6-12 passes with our previous unit. Upgrading to this unit shaved about 30 minutes of our average interior detailing time.

The Mytee Lite 8070 features an insane 1000W inline heater. The mighty inline heater gets the water steaming hot within minutes. The hot water helps break up grease and stains, which super-cleans fabric and carpets. The Mytee Lite 8070 also features a four-gallon water reservoir that is super easy to fill. Having four gallons allows you to clean a moderately dirty vehicle without the need to refill the tank. This saves lots of time on interior details. The waste tank is also super easy to empty as it comes with a hose that can quickly drain into a 5-gallon bucket or any waste drain. The extractor hose is 15ft, which is essential as it allows you to do an entire section of the vehicle without constantly moving the unit. The extractor head is also transparent, enabling you to see the clarity of the water you are extracting to ensure all soap and grime have been extracted from the section you are working on.

Overall, this unit was a game changer for our detailing business. It saved us time on interior details, was easy to use, and had impressive cleaning results. The unit’s mobility and size also make it the perfect hot water extractor for mobile detailing. Even with a slightly higher price point, the Mytee Lite 8070 can still be the best extractor for detailing at home also. We have used the 8070 on hundreds of vehicles without issue, so the cost of use ends up being very cheap detailing business. For the at-home weekend warrior, it will pay itself off quickly. With the average interior detail ranging from $175-$500, if you have two vehicles you use the unit on, it will pay for itself within a couple of details! Lastly, if there ever is an issue with your unit, Mytee dealers are certified to service all Mytee models. No need to ship it and go without your machines when you can drop it off for service and have it back within a day or two.

Mytee Lite 8070 Detailing Extractor

The Ultimate Hot Water Extractor for Detailing Businesses and At-Home-Detailing

Here at The Detail Nerds, one of the things we pride ourselves on is we only work on one vehicle at a time. While this hurts our overall earnings potential in the short term, it is helping us in the long term by getting the best results in the area, which has led to a massive list of repeat customers, tons of word-of-mouth referrals, and stellar reviews. As we continued to grow and added people to our team, we realized we needed to add another extractor to our arsenal to allow our team to have two people extracting at a time to meet the demand of customers we had. Being booked out for months is incredible, but we also lose potential long-term customers who cannot wait a month or two to get their vehicle’s interior detailed. We were so impressed with the Mytee Lite 8070 that we asked our local Mytee Dealer if they offered a unit that was even better than the 8070 Lite. Well, they showed us the Mytee HP60 Spyder Heated Automotive Detailer, and we bought it on the spot.

The Mytee HP60 Spyder Heated Automotive Detailer helped our business grow even more. It comes with a 1,200 Watt heater that heats water up to 210 degrees Fahrenheit and quickly breaks up grease and grime! The water tank is 5 gallons, allowing you to go even further in a detail without needing to refill it. The extractor hose is 15 ft, and the extractor head is 4” wide, which allows you to cover more surface area quickly. The drain valve is also higher, making draining the waste easier than the Mytee 8070 Lite.

Mytee HP60 Spyder Heated Carpet Extractor Draining, the best extractor for car detailing.

Here at The Detail Nerds, the Mytee HP60 Spyder is the best extractor for car detailing!

If you are looking for the absolute best extractor for car detailing, mobile detailing, or at-home detailing, the Mytee HP60 Spyder Heated Automotive Detailer is the unit for you.

Mytee Spyder HP60 Heated Extractor

We hope this article has helped you. If you are looking for other detailing tools we use daily, check out our post on detailing tools here. Once again, if you have any questions about anything, feel free to email or text us. We love helping others!

Disclaimer – As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Any income earned from these commissions allows us to continue to research and find the best products for you to use!

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