Best Foam Cannon Soap for Ceramic Coating

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Best Foam Cannon Soap for Ceramic Coating

Best Foam Cannon Soap for Ceramic Coating

One of the services we offer here at The Detail Nerds is ceramic coating installations. Ceramic coatings enhance the richness of paint color, enhance gloss, provide protection against scratches, keep your vehicle cleaner, and have extreme hydrophobic properties! While some claim ceramic coatings are snake oil, we use ones that work.

(Shhh… Pro-tip, ceramic coatings offered by dealerships are garbage.) Proper care is critical to get the longest effective life out of your ceramic coating. One of the essential steps to maintaining your coating is the wash process. Part of the wash process is foam. In this post, we will cover the best foam cannon soap for ceramic coating.

So, please sit back, relax, grab your favorite beverage, and prepare to nerd out with us. If you wish to skip our extremely well-written educational post, we spent hours on and learn the only foam cannon soap we use, skip to the bottom of this post.

What is Foam Cannon Soap?

Soap made explicitly for foam cannons is a highly concentrated soap that, when mixed with water and high psi water flow, creates the sudsiest suds you have ever seen! Open Amazon and search foam cannon soap, and you will get thousands of results. Please be mindful, though, not all foam cannon soaps are created equal. Some soaps have a high pH which can help break down organics such as rubber, tar, and dead bugs.

When it comes to choosing a foam cannon soap for ceramic coatings, though, we are not about breaking down organics with the foam. We need a pH-neutral foam that will not shorten the effective life of the ceramic coating.

The primary intent of foam cannon soap, for us, is to provide lubricity over the paint’s surface to help minimize micro scratching that can occur during the washing process. If you invested in a ceramic coating, then you are more than likely not to let your vehicle get dirty enough that it requires a harsh foam to help break down weeks’ worth of nasty buildup.

Audi S5

What does pH Neutral Mean?

Before we move too far on, let’s skip back to middle school chemistry class for a quick refresher. Many products claim to be pH neutral and understanding what that means helps. Later in the article, we will show a pH test we performed on our favorite foam cannon soap for ceramic coatings to prove it is pH neutral.

The pH scale ranges from 1 to 14. pH neutral is a pH reading of 7. Any reading below seven would be considered acidic. Anything above seven would be considered basic. For waxes, sealants, and ceramic coatings, you want a pH-neutral product so you do not weaken or eat away the product that is essentially on top of your paint, providing protection.

What Foam Cannon Soap for Ceramic Coating do We Use?

Ahhh. The part you have been patiently waiting for! What is the one and only foam cannon soap we use for ceramic coating? We only use Gyeon Foam! That’s right, another Gyeon product. If you have read any of our other posts, you may start to suspect that we are paid to endorse the good folks at Gyeon. We promise we are not. We have no agreement whatsoever and pay full price for their products.

Gyeon Foam

Above all being said, we spent the first year of our business testing and chasing the “hottest” and most popular products. Once we realized the science behind legit car detailing existed, we hitched our wagon to many of the Gyeon products. So, once again, while we may not get paid to promote Gyeon, we have no shame in helping others learn about the best products on the market.

Subaru WRX Foam
How to Use Gyeon Foam in a Foam Cannon

We are about to break a few hearts here. To get the best results from this foam cannon soap and any other foam on the market, we suggest you use a foam cannon with a pressure washer. It is not the end of the world if you have a foam cannon for garden hoses, but to get the snowiest of snow foam, use a pressure washer. Check out our post on the only foam cannon we use by clicking here.

We found that the instructions from Gyeon yield great results. We mix 200ml of foam with 800ml of water in our foam cannon. This works well. Especially when coupled with the only foam cannon we use and recommend and a good pressure washer.

To start the wash process, ensure your vehicle’s paint is cool to the touch. Make sure you also never wash your vehicle in direct sunlight or on a hot day. First, you do not want water, especially hard water, to dry on the surface of your paint. You also do not want the foam or any soap to dry on it either. Start the process by rinsing your vehicle from the top down. You want to get as much dirt, organic matter, and debris off as possible.

Once your vehicle has been rinsed, proceed to the foam stage. Start once again at the top of the vehicle and work your way down as you go around the vehicle. Ensure everything on your vehicle is covered in foam! Once you have everything nice and frothy, if you still have solution left in your foam cannon, keep going until it is gone.

From here, the washing process is as simple as following the 2-bucket-wash method. Not sure what the 2-bucket method is? Click here to learn the only way we wash our vehicles!

Foam Cannon Tesla

We are beyond passionate about car detailing. We have no issue sharing all our secrets with you, aspiring detailers, our competitors, and even haters. At the end of the day, if this post helps one person, it was worth it to us. If you found this helpful or know someone it may help, please share it!

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