Best Way to Dry a Car

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Best Way to Dry a Car

Best Way to Dry a Car

Alrighty. You’ll have to bear with us on this article. We are about to nerd out hard. There are several things you can do with great intentions that will mess up your vehicles paint.

How you dry your vehicle can create swirls quickly. So sit back, grab your favorite beverage and get ready to nerd out with us.

How to Dry your Car After Washing

Picture this with us, it is a beautiful weekend morning. You just completed washing your vehicle using the two-bucket method. You used the best soaps, washed it perfectly, and now it requires drying. You walk back into the garage and grab the same towel you have used for months.

You finish drying, step back and notice swirls you have never seen! What happened? I have used this microfiber towel a million times without issue you say to yourself! In our opinion, your biggest mistake that morning was using a towel!

That is right, you heard us! Using a towel is increasing the chance of scratching your paint. Think about it, did you remove all the dirt and debris from the paints surface? Are you even using the correct kind of towel specifically designed for car detailing?

There is a good chance you answered many of the questions above with the negative answer.

The safest way to dry your vehicle is by blow drying it! We are not talking about using a leaf blower, a hair dryer or compressed air. We only use an well engineered car dryer blower.

Best way to dry a car

Car Blow Dryer Garage Options

There are three car blow dryers that we recommend for car detailing. The first two that we cover we have tested and use. The third option we have not used but seems to have a much lower cost of entry and has solid reviews.

#1 Car Blow Dryer Option

The first unit we use for proper drying of client vehicles is the BigBoi BlowR Pro! This bad boy comes on wheels or with a wall mount. The blower features a 16-foot hose, a dual motor that generates up to 8hp, and has heated air. This thing has air speeds up to 179mph!

We have used this unit to dry hundreds of vehicles and have not been disappointed yet. The heated air and overall airspeed allows us to dry a vehicle in minutes. If you plan on using this in your garage, we strongly encourage you to purchase the wall-mount adaptor with it.

Using this unit is the best way to dry a car after washing it!

#2 Car Blow Dryer Option

The second unit we have used and recommend is the Adam’s Air Cannon Car Dryer Blower. This unit comes close the the BigBoi option is roughly $100 cheaper. It also comes on wheels or with a wall-mount option. The air filters similarly to the BigBoi and is also heated.

Overall, you really cannot go wrong with either option. Honestly, what tipped the scales for us towards the BigBoi is the person that imports them.

#3 Car Blow Dryer Option

The third unit is the Shelandy Dryer, it is has solid reviews and comes in just under $100. Once again, we have not tested this unit. We barely ever recommend something we have not tested.

Under these circumstances with how quickly you can damage paint with improperly sourced microfiber drying towels, we are willing to take a shot in the dark on a product!


Just like when you wash your car, you want to start at the top and work your way down. After the roof and glass, we do one panel at a time. Same as before, top to bottom. Make sure you thoroughly get the door handles, mirrors, and trim.

Water loves to collect in those locations and drip later which can cause water spots. Once each panel has been blown, we wait a minute and watch for any water to run out. We know this can be a pain in the butt and add time, but trust us, you do not want water spots!

Give everything a good once over and wah-lah, you have just completed properly drying your car! Now add your favorite wax or sealant.


There are times when we use a towel on a cars paint to dry it. If we have done a full decon and clay bar, we are open to using a proper towel as nothing is left on the car surface that could scratch.

If you do not have access to a dryer or do not want to purchase one, then a microfiber drying towel is your only choice.

To limit the chances of scratching your paint, ensure you did a proper wash using the two-bucket method. With your drying towel, start at the top and work your way down. Dry one panel at a time.

We also cannot stress this enough. Do not dry in circular motions! Straight line motions from top to bottom. In the event you does cause scratches or swirls, straight scratches are much easier to polish out than circular ones.

Gyeon Silk Dryer

Check out this article that we wrote covering our favorite car drying towel that takes absorbing water to the next level!


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