Brake Dust Wheel Cleaner

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Brake Dust Wheel Cleaner

Our Favorite Brake Dust Cleaner for Wheels

Often, we find people totally neglect their wheels when it comes to maintaining their vehicle. Think about the workload your tires and wheels go through daily. They are literally what keeps you moving and what helps you stop. All that stopping and going creates a ton of brake dust that covers your wheels and painted surfaces.

Iron Wheel Cleaner

In this article we are going to share our favorite wheel brake dust cleaner. We will also cover how to safely and effectively remove the iron particulates from your wheels without damaging them.

Incase you are like me and love to prepare, below is a list of items we recommend having on hand for cleaning wheels. Each item below will open a new window in Amazon when clicked. We have found the best prices for each are on Amazon.

  1. Wheel wash bucket
  2. Wheel cleaning kit
  3. Grit guard
  4. Iron remover wheel cleaner
  5. Tire cleaner

What is a Wheel Cleaner Spray?

Wheel cleaners are nearly the same product iron removers you would use on your paint. Think of it as a thicker iron decon spray that has a little more strength than what is put on paint. The main ingredient is Thioglycolic Acid. Do not let the word acid scare you.

Also present in wheel cleaners are alkaline compounds that make the product pH neutral. Make sure you only purchase ph neutral iron removers if you purchase something other than what we use. We have seen and read horror stories about people using strong products incorrectly.

Another reminder before we move on. Like any car detailing product, never apply to a hot surface, in direct sunlight, or let it dry!

How to Clean your Wheels Safely

Above we mentioned what products you will need to safely remove brake dust from your wheels. Before we move on, there are two products that we recommend.

The first is Gyeon Wheel. We have used this product on winter beater wheels and wheels on exotic cars. It is safe and works well. You will see a purple color when iron particulate reacts to the spray.

We promise you will be blown away by how purple your wheels turn!

The second product we use is P&S Iron Buster. This product removes contaminants from wheels and also cleans the rubber on tires! Be carful with this one though, as it is very strong. We only used this on dealership details or non exotic car basic exterior details.

Back to the topic at hand. How to safely clean your wheels.

  1. Grab your wheel cleaning tools and wheel cleaning bucket. Place the grit guard into the bucket, add your favorite car soap and water. DO NOT USE A BUCKET THAT YOU WOULD FOR WASHING! We keep our tire wash bucket just for tires.
  2. Rinse all wheels and tires. If they are hot, let them cool or keep rinsing until cool to the touch.
  3. Spray your wheel cleaner spray on a wheel and let it sit for 1-3 minutes. We do one wheel at a time to ensure it does not dry and so each wheel gets the love it deserves.
  4. Scrub with the tools in the wheel cleaner kit but make sure the tools are wet from the soap bucket. You want to create as much lubricity as possible to prevent scratching.
  5. Don’t forget about the lug-nuts. Use the brush to clean the lug area.
  6. Rinse and move onto the next wheel and start at step 3.

Boom! You have safely removed the brake dust from your wheels.

Brake Dust Wheel Cleaner

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