Our Favorite Ceramic Glass Coating for Windshields

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Our Favorite Ceramic Glass Coating for Windshields

Here at The Detail Nerds, we find extreme pleasure in seeing our customers’ reactions after details. Especially with what we refer to as disaster details. A disaster detail is when an owner stops caring for the interior and exterior. Picture finding three large orders of fries, fifteen empty soda bottles, and nail clippings. Hopefully, that gives you a good idea. Anyway, apart from the transformation of the interior, nearly all of them are blown away by how much better they can see out their windshield and windows. Being able to see the road in front of you is critical, and when we get that reaction, we recommend the customer takes it to the next level and has us install our favorite ceramic glass coating.

Can you ceramic coat glass? Absolutely! We recommend this for every single vehicle that comes through our doors. Ceramic coating glass or your windshield is straightforward and super affordable. We charge less than $100 for our favorite windshield ceramic coating. Not only is it super affordable and easy to install, but it is also so easy to install that any at-home detailer can do this.

Xpel Ceramic Coating

Benefits of having your windshield ceramic coated

When we first started taking our different pieces of training for ceramic coatings, when it came time to cover ceramic coatings for glass, windshields, and windows, we thought it was just an attempt for our teacher to sell snake oil. While we wholeheartedly believe in and stand by ceramic coatings for paint and PPF, windshield coating seemed a little out there. We still took the training carefully and learned what we needed to learn.

We ordered a few different samples while in training to start our rigorous testing of the product when we returned home. My sister’s vehicle was one of the first people we tested the ceramic glass coating on. We got her in, and a few weeks went by without hearing anything. Finally, the day came when it rained while she was out. She called with extreme enthusiasm in her voice and said she could not believe how the windshield acted. She said it was like the water was afraid of the windshield and beaded off. It beaded off so much that at speeds above 35mph, she no longer needed her windshield wipers to be on.

Fast forward a touch until the next rain. Obviously, myself and everyone else at the shop had to add the glass-ceramic coating to their vehicles. The day came, and I about crapped my pants. It was pouring out, and the water just beaded off my glass. I could not believe how I did not need my windshield wipers on. From that day on, we recommend the coating to everyone. It has been over three years since I applied the coating to my windshield. I have yet to replace it, and it still works as well as it did the first rain.

Benefits of Glass Ceramic Coating on Windshield:

  • Extremely Hydrophobic
  • It keeps your windshield cleaner
  • Pollen and acid rain do not stick as quickly or leave water spots
  • Snow melts easier
  • Windshields stay cleaner in the winter mucky roads

What is the best glass ceramic coating?

We have tried and tested many glass ceramic coatings over the years. We keep coming back to one product, though. The only glass ceramic coating for windshields and windows we recommend to our customers is Gyeon Quartz Q2 View. If you have read any of our other articles, you probably already think we work for Gyeon. I promise!! We do not. The quality of the products they make is simply amazing. 

The installation process for Gyeon Quartz is also so easy that anyone can do it at home. 

Gyeon Quartz Q2 View

Glass ceramic coating closing words

Once again, we love this product and would only recommend it if it lived up to our standards. It is super easy to install, lasts forever, and will improve your driving experience. 

-The Detail Nerds

Not ready to go with a ceramic coating for your windshield and windows? You still need to keep your glass clean though! Check out our two favorite glass cleaners below! (Clicking on the link will open in Amazon).

#1 – Gyeon Quartz Glass

#2 – Meguiars Glass Cleaner


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