Ford Bronco Paint Protection Film

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Ford Bronco Paint Protection Film (ppf/clearbra)

Protect your vehicle's paint from scratches, swirls, rock chips, and the environment

Have you recently taken delivery of your new Ford Bronco? If so, congratulations! If you are waiting to take delivery, be patient, and good on you for looking to get it protected before you even set eyes on it. We here at The Details Nerds understand the immense joy of getting your new vehicle and wanting to keep it looking brand new for years to come! We have also seen how quickly the tires on these new Broncos can throw rocks up and ruin your beautiful paint. Let us help keep your Bronco looking fantastic with our expertly installed Xpel Paint Protection Film. We can protect as little or as much as you want!

World Renowned Xpel PPF
When it comes to Paint Protection Film, there is only one option, Xpel! We are proud to be expertly trained and certified installers and dealers of Xpel self-healing ppf. There are many paint protection films are on the market, but Xpel is the industry leader with a 10-year warranty.
  • Self healing technology
  • 10-year warranty
  • Non-Yellowing
  • Discoloration and stain resistant
  • Prevent rock chips, scratches, and nicks
Ford Bronco Paint Protection Film Price
Here at The Detail Nerds, we have done enough Bronco ppf installations to be able to offer some of the most competitive prices in the country when it comes to protecting your new investment. Below are the cost of full ppfs (all painted surfaces protected) on a few 2022 4-door models. If you do not see the model or package you are looking for, give us a call or text today at 616-229-1506. We can protect as much or as little as you want!
  • 2022 Ford Bronco Outer Banks – $4,820.62
  • 2022 Ford Bronco Wildtrak – $4,659.75
  • 2022 Ford Bronco Black Diamond – $4,992.75
Paint Protection Film Process
We pride ourselves on being transparent. Apart from the cost of the film itself, the second most significant contributor to the cost of the paint protection film is all the prep work that needs to be done to the vehicle before installation to achieve the best results. Below are some of the steps we take before installation.
  • Two bucket wash
  • Chemical iron decontamination
  • Chemical organics (tar, bugs, sap, etc) decontamination
  • Clay bar
  • Second two bucket wash
  • Adhesive and wax removal
  • Paint correction (polish/buff)
Ford Bronco Paint Protection Film FAQs

How long does paint protection film last? If taken care of properly, the effective life of the film can last 10-years.
Will ppf protect my vehicle from scratches caused at a car wash? Yes, the protected parts of your vehicle will be protected?
How long does the installation process take? It all depends on the size of your vehicle and how much is being protected. It could take anywhere from two days up to a week if you choose to protect the entire vehicle.
How much does it cost? Once again, it depends on how much of your vehicle is being protected and the size of your vehicle. To find out what it would cost for yours, give us a call or text today! Or check out this article that breaks down Bronco ppf cost more in depth.