MTM Foam Cannon is the Best Foam Cannon for Car Detailing

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MTM Foam Cannon is the Best Foam Cannon for Car Detailing

Anyone who wants to keep their vehicle swirl and scratch-free knows that a foam cannon is a must-have, apart from proper washing techniques! We even argue that a foam cannon is the 2nd most critical part of proper washing techniques. The foam created by the cannon creates lubricity, so if there is dirt or iron on your vehicle’s paint, it will not get dragged across the paint during the washing process and create scratches. We have tested many foam cannons and only use one on our client vehicles. We only use the PF22.2 MTM Foam Cannon. Not only is it the only foam cannon we use, but we also have the original one we initially purchased and used for over 500 washes and counting!

Corvette c6 zo6 Foam Cannon results

MTM Foam Cannon PF22.2 Features

With how many foam cannons are on the market, you may become overwhelmed when searching for your next purchase. Let us help ease that stress with some features you may not realize you would like or need. The first is the somewhat transparency of the MTM Foam Cannon. It is a lovely blue color that is transparent enough to see the liquid levels. Seeing how much soap you have before adding water allows you to get the biggest bang for your buck from your favorite soap. It also allows for the product to have optimal results. The second feature is the measurement indicators. They range from 0ml to 100ml. These indicators, coupled with the slight transparency, allow you to easily follow the dilution ratio recommended by your favorite foam/soap. Our favorite foam is Gyeon Foam.

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You can also change the spray to either horizontal or vertical. This comes in super handy for different size vehicles. For smaller cars, we love to have the foam vertical. For large SUVs, we keep it horizontal. Another great feature of the MTM Hydro Foam Cannon is the ability to change the amount of foam that comes out. The knob on the top of the unit allows for a large range of soap/foam to be dispensed.

When to use a Foam Cannon for Car Detailing

The short and blunt answer? EVERYTIME YOU WASH YOUR VEHICLE! Seriously.

If you want to minimize the potential for scratches and swirls, using a foam cannon coupled with the two-bucket wash method is a must! Still trying to figure out what the two-bucket wash method is? Click here to check out our post explaining it. No matter how well you rinse your vehicle before washing it, there will still be dirt and metal on the paint. 

Metal? Absolutely there can be metal on the surface of your paint. Think about the brake dust that is generated when stopping. Not only does this bond to your paint in areas around the tires, but you can also pick it up from the road/ground as you drive. What are swirls? Swirls are circular scratches that look like a bulls-eye or galaxy. They are caused by circular motions when washing and the dreaded automated car wash. The picture below is an excellent example of what swirls look like.

Swirls on Car Paint

Is the MTM Hydro pf22.2 Foam Cannon the Best Foam Cannon on the Market?

The short answer is yes! Yes, it is the best foam cannon on the market. Once again, to get the results we do, we must follow a meticulous process for our paint corrections, coatings, ppfs, and simple washes. A solid, well-performing, and long-lasting foam cannon is critical to the meticulous process. We tried many guns that either failed after a few washes, didn’t have the features we were looking for, or broke with the slightest drop. The MTM Hydro pf22.2 Foam Cannon has been a workhorse for us, and we know without a doubt it will be a workhorse for you, also!

Thanks for reading. Check out the link below to get the best deal on this amazing foam cannon. We promise, you will not regret this purchase!

-The Detail Nerds

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