Wash and Wax Car Detail

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Simple Wash and Wax Package

Do not settle for the junk wash and wax offered by car washes. Not only can these car washes scratch your paint, their wax does not last long.

Let us help you get your car looking its best!

Wash and Wax Products and Process

We use the most effective and up-to-date auto interior detailing products on the market. We have spent years researching to find the most effective products. We never use “gimmicky” or “hot” products. We only use what works.

  • pH neutral soaps that will never harm your paint or trim
  • Hand-made, small batch, made in Germany wax
  • Superior wheel cleaner
  • Two-bucket wash method to keep your paint scratch free
  • Blown dry. We never use towels as they can cause scratches
Wash and Wax Cost and Time

Do not let a car wash scratch your paint ever again!

  • Wash and wax price is $50
  • Smaller vehicles take around an hour
  • Larger vehicles take 1.5 hours
  • We only offer a limted amount of wash and waxes per week
  • We only work on one car at a time
Why The Detail Nerds Verses a Car Wash?
Part of what got us into the auto detailing industry was discovering our 1-year old car covered in scratches. We faithfully went through the wash weekly. We never used a brush to wipe the snow off our car. We thought we were doing everything right to keep our car looking its best. Then we noticed all the scratches. Do you believe the dirt from the nasty truck in front of you will be off the brushes before they hit your car? It is not. Our process will keep your investment from getting scratched. Our wax will also protect your vehicle for 1-3 months. Let us help you keep your car looking amazing!