What is Ceramic Coating?

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What is Ceramic Coating?

What is Ceramic Coating

Your car does a lot more than simply get you from point A to Point B. It is what gets you wherever you need to be on your own terms. In a sense, your car is how you keep your freedom of movement. You want to make sure that it’s properly taken care of, so you go and get an annual checkup or go to the mechanic whenever something doesn’t ‘sound right.

At the same time you want to respect your car and make sure that it’s not just running well, but that it looks brand new every single day possible when you own it. That doesn’t mean you should let it be and wait for the elements to destroy your car’s exterior. But you also don’t want to head to a detailing place every time your car is scratched or has a minor dent. Take the time and resources to properly invest in the correct type of protection through Ceramic Coating.

Utilizing Ceramic Coating is one of the best types of protection you can provide to your car, and it will last a lot longer than simply using car wax or a paint sealant, as well as providing enhanced protection. We often describe our Coating as a 5-year wax. Keep in mind precisely what a ceramic coating does and doesn’t do.

Dodge Ram TRX Ceramic Coating

What is Ceramic Coating exactly?

Ceramic Coating was specifically created as a solid choice for protecting your car. It’s a mix of silicon dioxide, and it actually combines with the paint that’s already on your car to create a stronger sealant and exterior car protector than paint could ever handle.

There are some other variations that can be used, such as other quartz-based type materials. You can also get some variants that have titanium elements to form an even stronger hardening agent. Sometimes this type of Coating is called nano-coating due to the fact that the particles bonding is on that microscopic level.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating is about enhancing the paint that’s already on there. It’s all about keeping your car in prime condition while at the same time reducing the cleaning frequency. This type of protection is more about protection against the natural elements that can occur while driving.

One of those elements is acid rain. Those cities that have pollutants in the air and in the rain can be very damaging to your car exterior. This acidic chemical will slowly eat away at your car exterior.

It also helps to protect your car from harmful UV rays. These UV rays will bombard your car, dulling it and removing the protective layer of paint over time through oxidation and corrosion. Have you ever seen a black car that has no gloss and almost looks a little grey? If so, it is appropriately suffering from some significant oxidation. With the proper Ceramic Coating, all of the above is easily avoided and helps to keep the paint and its gloss unique for years to come.

In addition, after being appropriately applied, it will help to keep your car bright with a gloss for everyone to see. Our Coating has a “wet” look for the shine and richens whatever color your paint is. If your car is black, it will look blacker. It will take a white and make it vibrant. The Coating is also very hydrophobic, water will not stay on your paint. We can completely dry a ceramic-coated car in less than three minutes with a blower. This keeps the car cleaning down to a minimum without concerns of accidentally removing the Ceramic Coating. In fact, the Coating is so strong there’s a special process needed to properly remove it all.

Rivian R1T

Ceramic Coated and Full Front Paint Protection Film

What Ceramic Coating doesn’t do

This Coating is not an actual set of armor and won’t protect your car from everything. It’s a barrier of sorts and will help reduce the outcome of certain actions against your car. Ceramic Coating can still get scratches and even swirl marks from automated car washes and improper at-home washing as this is a reinforcement for your paint and not a new layer that sits on top of the paint. The effects of these will be reduced, but ceramic Coating usually won’t outright protect you from these. This is us being transparent. It will help but not completely protect your paint. Other shops may tell you it is as good as ppf; if you ever hear this, run!

How much does ceramic coating cost?

Ceramic Coating has a range, depending on the size of the car and the current condition that it’s in. It can range between $1,000 and $2,000, and that’s usually all-inclusive. Keep in mind that it’s a process and needs patience and expertise to be applied properly. This does come at a premium, but a ceramic coating done properly can last upwards of five years as long as it’s done by certified professionals and properly maintained.

Unlike some shops, we include our intensive polish into our coating packages. This powerful polish removes swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation. It also brings out some incredible gloss. Depending on the condition of your vehicle’s paint prior to Coating, we may suggest a compound and polish. This process is what can bring the price up to $2000. However, it makes little sense to put a coating on a heavily scratched vehicle.

Why can I not do it myself?

You may think, why not simply just grab a can of ceramic Coating and apply it yourself, right? Ceramic Coating done incorrectly can actually damage your car quite a bit. You can actually damage or remove the clear coat on your car. In addition, you may also apply it unevenly, which will lead to a poor reflection and lackluster sheen. Leaving the Coating on and improper removal leaves what is called “high-spots.” You will not be able to miss seeing these, and the only way to get them off is a professional polish. At our shop, this polish would start at $500.

Another thing to note is that this isn’t simply a one-time job. This can take three or more days to get it done correctly, as everything needs to bond and dry properly. The right layering and amounts of ceramic Coating need to be applied, dried, and reapplied. The last thing you want is having this detailing make a car look worse.

Xpel Ceramic Coating

How can I maintain my ceramic coating?

The first thing you need to understand is that even after one to two days, we have it at the shop that that’s not the end of the initial care. If you’re going to remember anything about ceramic Coating, you need to understand that you cannot wash your car for at least a week after the ceramic Coating is placed. 

You should probably keep it dry and in a garage if possible. If you cannot keep it in a garage, that is fine. You can drive it once the initial curing time is complete, but know that it will continue to harden/cure for up to seven days.

Never put any harsh cleaners on your car if you can avoid it. Many automated car washes use harsh cleaners, so be careful if you must go through one. You may notice a water spot here or there, or you may notice some remnants of some unfortunate bugs on the side of your car. The ceramic Coating is there to help make it easier to remove these, so always use a ph neutral soap and ph neutral products when cleaning. We have several that we recommend, and you can even purchase them from us.

Who we are

We are your local West Michigan experts who want to help be your guide in finding the right type of protective layer to put on your car. We only use the best in the industry, and all of our team is properly trained and certified to apply a ceramic coating. We only use Xpel Fusion Plus in our offering, as after extensive research, we feel confident this is the best option for your car.

Some Final Thoughts

Remember how important your car is. Whether it’s a lifestyle selection or your workhorse that gets you to and from work, you should be treating it right from the get-go. It may only seem like an option that works best for new and high-end cars, but frankly, it’s never too late for any car to get a ceramic coating. It will only help to increase the lifespan of the vehicle and will keep you proud and confident every time you drive it.

We do recommend that you handle the entire process and application at once, so be prepared to have up to three days where your car is getting its ceramic Coating applied by some of the best and most properly trained experts in the field.

Good things come to those who wait and are patient, and a ceramic coating is one of the best investments you can put on your car, as it will help to maintain its overall look and luster.

Tesla Model S with Xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film

When it comes time to wash your ceramic coated vehicle, make sure you use the correct washing method. Check out our post on how to properly wash a vehicle! 

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